Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yet another wealthy democratic woman says Ann Romney can't speak for women because she's wealthy

With the way the media keeps digging at this Ann Romney story they are gonna hit china soon.
And work as she may, that’s one place Ann Romney has never been. She has spent her life in the private precincts of the marital workplace, where emotional ties replace the financial norms of the factory or office.

Now, she has emerged to campaign for her husband and to explain to him what women want. “I’ve had the fun of being out with my wife the last several days on the campaign trail,” Mitt Romney told Fox Newsthis month. “And she points out that as she talks to women, they tell her that their number one concern is the economy.”

At a recent campaign event, Romney said he wished his wife were there to help answer a question about female voters. “She says that she’s going across the country and talking with women, and what they’re talking about is the debt that we’re leaving the next generation and the failure of this economy to put people back to work.”

When Ann Romney’s husband, who faces a gender gap in some polls, uses her experience and insight as a megaphone for women’s concern over fewer paid jobs, he mistakenly assumes that all women are fungible. Which was, I take it, Rosen’s original point.

That last part is rich coming from a woman who belongs to a party that believes not wanting to force religious institutions to violate their tenets is a "war on women" and other faux outrage over anything the GOP says about women that strays from liberal orthodoxy.

I guess these media shills will do anything to keep themselves from having to cover Obama's failures but this is doomed to backfire.

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