Monday, April 23, 2012

Romney/Rubio 2012?

For someone who has said multiple times that he isn't going to be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Marco Rubio sure has spent a lot of time campaigning with Romney in the swing state of Pennsylvania.
Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney dodged mounting speculation Monday about a potential running mate, even with Senator Marco Rubio, the man now in the VP spotlight, standing right beside him...

It had the looks of a running mate audition, with the two men striding together through the Mustang Expediting delivery company's warehouse, and Romney occasionally stepping back to let Rubio handle some questions

And now Rubio has scheduled a major foreign policy speech. We still have at least 3 months of speculation on who the VP pick will be but I hope it is Marco Rubio just so I can see a bunch of birthers heads explode.

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