Sunday, April 15, 2012

No accomplishments? No worries, just attack the other guy.

Great editorial over at the Washington Examiner this morning. Obama goes negative to sidestep his sorry record It's a short article, so I won't quote it here, but head on over there and read it.

In 2008 Obama didn't have to run a negative campaign because he was a blank slate upon which voters could think of him as being whatever they wanted him to be. Post partisan uniter, a real force for change, liberal agitator, someone who finally would make the dream of equality a reality. And it worked for him but now after four years with hundreds of thousands of Americans without jobs, the lowest labor participation rate in decades, massive deficits with no end in sight, gas prices already above $4.00 and climbing it won't work again.

Obama is still personally popular because despite his policy failings the general populace wants to see him succeed. They remember him as this great speech giver who inspired hope after 8 years of Bush but slowly that veneer is being stripped away. Will voters react to the horrible economy and bungled economic policy of Obama by voting him out in November? A couple new polls this week show that Mitt Romney leads Obama nationally but it is only April so while I will continue holding on to the dream that Obama will be a one termer only time will tell.

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