Monday, April 16, 2012

More good poll news

On top of the recent gallup poll showing Romney ahead of Obama two more polls have recently come out with good news for conservatives.

First up is Wisconsin where PPP(d) has published the results of their recent recall election polling. Those results show Scott Walker with anywhere from a 5%-12% lead over his possible Democratic opponents. Walker also has the best favorable ratings and has a job approval rating above 50%. Unions have already spent millions of dollars to turn public opinion against Walker and his public employee union reforms but it seems that the success of those reforms has helped him weather that storm.

And Rasmussen shows the Generic Congressional Ballot as Republicans 46% Democrats 36%, the highest it's been since March 3rd of last year. This result also nearly matches the average margin between parties at the end of October 2010

If these numbers hold up, and I stress IF as it is only April, then conservatives are in for a very nice election season.

edit: whoops make that a 5-12% lead in wisconsin not 2-12%

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