Saturday, April 14, 2012

Media Continues Attacking Ann Romney....Obama Hardest Hit

For, at least, the 4th time in 3 days there is another media piece out slamming Ann Romney for being unable to relate to "American women." This time it's arch-liberal Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast. He says Ann, because of her wealth, is unable to understand the plight of "American women" and then uses her Multiple Sclerosis and survival of breast cancer to launch into a full frontal attack on Mitt.
But what of the millions of women who share her bad luck health-wise but don’t share her good luck wealth-wise? We don’t know what she thinks, and maybe since she’s not the candidate she is under no obligation to tell us, interesting as it might be to find out. But we do know what her husband, her own presumed insurance provider, thinks. He thinks the hell with them. He used to care about them, when he passed a law giving them a fair shot at buying affordable coverage, but now he wants to repeal the law that does the same thing nationally, and the only reason is political calculation and cowardice. That’s his, not hers. But I do wonder whether she agrees with him that these women should be left on their own because to help them would be to hand a political victory to the enemy.

This doesn't surprise me at all as any sane person could've seen this coming from the moment it happened. Of course he then talks about how only his party can talk about women's issues and only liberals can sympathize with struggling mothers.

Now I wonder how much Michael Tomasky makes or who he feels can speak most strongly for these struggling women. Surely he can't mean Hilary Rosen or Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton or Teresa Heinz-Kerry or Hilda Solis or NOW President Terry O'Neill can he? Each one of them is far from struggling and has been far from struggling for a long time. Yet, of course that is what he means when he says Ann Romney can't connect with "American women" because she isn't just wealthy but an icky conservative.

There is an actual debate you can have on this issue but the moment those who think they are our betters start claiming that women with conservative beliefs aren't really women, but gender traitors, then that debate has died before it even started.

Of course this hurts Obama more than Romney. Tomasky, and his peers, can believe all they want that attacking Ann has more upside than risks but they are wrong. Not only does this help galvanize the conservative base behind Mitt, a base that has deep misgivings about him, but it will turn off independents both, right and left leaning. They will come to view Ann with a much more sympathetic view, especially when the portion of the public that doesn't pay much attention to politics finds out she has Multiple Sclerosis and survived breast cancer.

For that I say thank you Rosen for your Kinsleyan slip and thank you liberal media for continuing to attack a woman whose sole crime, in their eyes, is being wealthy.

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