Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CBS/NYT Poll: Romney 46% Obama 46%

The good news continues to roll in for Republicans and Mitt Romney. This time in the form of the CBS/NYT poll that shows a dead heat between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

The best news for Romney is found later on in the poll. It shows that a small number of Republicans have yet to rally That is to be expected among those most dedicated to a particular candidate but as soon as Gingrich drops out I'd wager that those supporting him will come around on Mitt. While those who support Paul Mitt can expect 50-75% of them to swallow their pride and cast a ballot for him.
Following the end of Santorum's bid for the presidency, Republican primary voters have rallied behind Romney, with 54 percent saying they want him to lead Republicans into the fall campaign season. That's a significant difference from March, when only 30 percent wanted him to be the nominee.

Gingrich was preferred among 20 percent of Republican primary voters; Paul received support from 12 percent. Nine percent picked "someone else." When asked if Santorum should have suspended his campaign, 63 percent of those polled said yes; 30 percent said no

I won't turn this into a 24/7 poll blog but these first ones coming out after Mitt has effectively sewn up the nomination is showing that Obama is in a much weaker position than a lot of people were thinking.

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